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N3 Videoconferencing – encouraging innovation and saving money (Nov 2014)

Since it was launched more than four years ago, N3 Videoconferencing has been encouraging greater innovation and more efficient ways of working while at the same time improving patient outcomes.

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Positive prognosis for N3 WebEx (Nov 2014)

NHS sites across North West London are pioneering the use of N3 WebEx conferencing services to help them work more efficiently. The service saves time and money by cutting down on unproductive and unnecessary travel, and thereby increases clinical capacity.

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Change of date for N3 User Forum (Oct 2014)

The N3 User Forum, scheduled to take place on 11 and 12 November at Austin Court, Birmingham, has been postponed and will be rescheduled to a later date in the New Year.

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N3 Voice goes from strength to strength (Jun 2014)

N3 Voice, one of the first value-added services to be introduced on N3, is going from strength to strength, offering NHS organisations of all sizes the opportunity to enjoy cheaper voice services that are simpler and easier to manage than in-house solutions.

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N3 21CN upgrade – steady progress but more still to do (Jun 2014)

The programme to upgrade N3 centrally-funded legacy services to Next Generation Access Services, ensuring that the NHS remains underpinned by a world-class network, is well underway and good progress has been made over the past few months.

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Update on N3 service arrangements (Jun 2014)

An agreement to continue to fund the N3 service from April 2014 has now been established by the Department of Health, the Cabinet Office, NHS England and the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).  

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Cornwall’s latest CoIN refresh provides Council with a Public Service Network using N3 (Jun 2014)

The latest evolution of Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly’s N3 Community of Interest Network (CoIN) creates a Public Service Network (PSN) that, for the first time, has council and health services using a common network infrastructure.

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Update on N3 service arrangements (Apr 2014)

An agreement to continue to fund the N3 service from April 2014 has been established. Read more ....

Important action to take - access control list templates (Feb 2014)

The wide-ranging changes to the organisational structure of the NHS in England brought about by the health reforms has led to creation of new organisations, such as clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), and the abolition of others, for example primary care trusts. Read more ....

Important notice for virtual private network (VPN) remote access users (Jan 2014)

N3 will be performing a change to its remote access service (RAS/VPN) core network between 22.00 on 04/03/2014 and 02.00 on 05/03/2014.  This change will only affect RAS/VPN users trying to connect (authenticate) to the network using their VPN Tokens.  Any VPN users that are already connected and authenticated will not get disconnected by this change.  This change will result in four short (5-10 minute) outages to the single user VPN token services where users may not be able to authenticate to the network. Read more ....

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