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N3 delivers solution to improve collaboration between NHS organisations and Local Government (Mar 2011)

SustainabilityN3 has now implemented a service which will help improve collaboration and information sharing between local authorities and the NHS through the new Government Connect gateway. The project was piloted successfully across three local authorities. Now, the Department of Health and the Department for Works and Pensions have officially announced that the gateway is live and available for use and are inviting local authorities to link up to the service. Read more ....

Track your service with the N3 Service Portal (Feb 2011)

 The N3 Service Portal provides service information including:

  • a speed test tool for all N3 connections of 40Mb/s or less;
  • a network status dashboard;
  • an N3 faults tracking facility; and
  • ability to log and track complaints.

The N3 Service Portal is also the access point to HSCR for PCT N3 users. Read more ....

N3 Internet Gateway Update from the Office of Paul Jones, N3 SRO (Dec 2010)

At the N3 User group of 20 October, 2010 I committed to come back to the group with an update on the status of improvements to the N3 Internet Gateway by the Christmas break.

I am pleased to report that after an extensive period of research and investigation we have identified a solution that will provide significant additional capacity to the Gateway.  This is still subject to final commercial agreements between NHS CFH and the potential service suppliers and I expect to complete these negotiations and to receive internal approvals by 31 January, 2011.  I will provide an update either on the 31 to confirm approval or prior to this date if our plan changes.

The solution is innovative and is designed to deliver significant improvements in an incremental manner.

In summary the enhanced internet gateway capacity would increase in line with the timeline below:-

One month from approval - capacity increase to 2.5gbps (from 1.82gbps)

Two months from approval - capacity increase to 3.5gbps

Five months from approval - capacity increase to 5gbps

This would mean that before 31 March 2011 the new internet gateway would be operating at 3.5gbps, roughly twice the capacity that it is today.

The new gateway will of course offer content management capabilities using a granular range of content categories, in order to facilitate local management of Acceptable User Policies (AUPs) in addition to pure capacity increases.

The new service will be covered in full detail at the next N3 User Group on 3 February 2011 when it is hoped to provide an update on the technical specification and the final commercial negotiations. Read more ....

QoS 2010 Refresh Complete (Dec 2010)

 N3SP has successfully completed the 2010 QoS refresh. This is part of N3's ongoing commitment to regular global refreshes of QoS. Read more ....

N3 Remote Worker – helping you to work through the Big Freeze (Dec 2010)

N3 Remote Worker users have benefitted from the flexibility that the service provides during the Big Freeze. Recently, the number of concurrent N3 Remote Worker users rose to 2,100, peaking on Thursday, 2 December. Read more ....

Spine GSS Upgrade Notice (Nov 2010)

On the weekend of the 4th December 2010 BT Spine will be undertaking the upgrade of their Global Site Selectors (GSS) to ensure that these essential devices are under manufacturer's warranty. Read more ....

Use the new N3 Video Conferencing Managed Service for your video conference (Oct 2010)

The N3 Managed Video Conferencing Service was launched at the N3: National User Conference in June. The service uses a common NHS platform with no expensive infrastructure to purchase and allows existing video conferencing suites to be connected.

There are two versions of service. The Managed Service is designed for regular users and the Pay As You Go (PAYG) Service designed for occasional users of video conferencing. 

Organisations who choose to subscribe to the N3 Managed Video Conferencing Service will gain access to existing systems, plus a national NHS directory, 24/7 helpdesk, free calls* and an on-line booking system. Read more ....

Missed the N3 User Conference? (Oct 2010)

N3 User Forum Oct 09Wednesday 30 June and Thursday 1 July saw 170 people come together for the second annual N3 User Conference. The event provided customers with an opportunity to network and talk face to face with N3SP and NHS Connecting for Health.

Delegates enjoyed presentations such as Dr Manpreet Pujara's speech outlining the technical innovations brought to them by N3 Video Conferencing.

There was also an exhibition area which carried stands from O2, Cisco, Teleware and MMR voice recording. Read more ....

Migrate to the new N3 Next Generation Ethernet services (Oct 2010)

N3 has launched a new set of Ethernet services. These services are among the first in the country to use the next generation network technologies.

Following the implementation in London, N3's four new Next Generation Ethernet (NGE) catalogue services are now available throughout England. Existing N3 Ethernet services for eligible sites will be migrated to the new NGE services in a two phased approach. The first phase will take place between August 2010 and February 2010, the second phase migrations will start in April 2011.

The N3 NGE services offer cost effective networking 10, 25, 50 and 100mb/s Ethernet services. The new services will allow more flexibility with the ability for circuits to be reconfigured for CoIN membership. Read more ....

Use the new services available on N3 Voice (Oct 2010)

Cisco 7961G (Premium)Launched three years ago, N3 voice is now an established service across the NHS. There are now more than one million minutes of calls made every month over the network - over 100,000 of these are ‘free on net' calls. N3 ensures with ‘forced on-net' that all connected NHS organisations get best value.

In today's environment, where every department is faced with cutting costs, N3 voice services reduce NHS telecommunication and support costs by over 20 percent. Read more ....

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