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N3 Main to Branch VPN

The N3 Main to Branch VPN connects up a main site with one branch site.  This service provides a secure, encrypted link to carry local traffic between N3 connected main and branch site.  This allows you to safely transfer patient identifiable data between the two sites. All other traffic, like the Health and Social Care Information Centre applications and Internet traffic don't need to use the VPN.

VPN 1-1 

Benefits of N3 Main to Branch VPN

Reduced Costs 
This VPN can be used instead of inter-site connections, potentially reducing the costs of networking for the practice or PCT. There are no additional N3 charges to move/shift a VPN service if a change in location is required, and additional VPN connections (up to 5 remote sites) can be added at no extra charge, helping to keep the cost of change as low as possible.

Improved service levels
The N3 connections over which the VPN traffic travels are a managed service with 24/7/365 service support in case of any difficulties. This is a higher level of service than standard inter-site connections.

Network diagnostic reports
The ability to locally monitor network traffic to/from sites and help diagnose network performance issues , via use of the N3 High Speed Customer Reporting tool when required.

How it works

A managed IPSec VPN link is established over existing N3 connections to main and branch sites.

N3 connection
Main to Branch VPN works over these N3 catalogue services:

Up to 8mb DSL Primary Connection with up to 8mb DSL back up.

Up to 20mb DSL Primary Connection with up to 20mb DSL back up.

Up to 40mb DSL Primary Connection with up to 20mb DSL back up.

N3SP will migrate the firewall configurations at the main site to the branch site when we commission the VPN service.  This will be done remotely.

Bespoke solution
We're aware that there are many local configurations of main and branch sites.  We've created a range of delivery options to accommodate different situations.  Give us a ring on 0800 085 0503 option 3 and we can discuss your requirements. 

How to order

Order your N3 Main to Branch VPN on the N3 CRM.  The catalogue service number is N3-12-7. 

N3 connections to the main and branch site must also be ordered on the N3 CRM.  You may already have an N3 connection at these sites.  You'll be prompted to select the sites that the VPN is going to connect up. 

Contract term: 3 years
Delivery time: 30 working days


We'll co-ordinate delivery of your N3 VPN solution and it'll follow this process:


VPN 1-1 order process

*At stage (A) the N3 connections do not have a VPN but you can send inter-site traffic via the N3 network. You will need give us a ring on 0800 085 0503, option 2 to request N3SP to allow this traffic between the sites. However, without a VPN service this inter-site traffic will not be encrypted.

*At stage (A) an existing inter-site link (with the appropriate network configuration) can still be used for inter-site traffic pending the introduction of the VPN service.

*At stage (A) you may wish not