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N3 working with your feedback to continuously improve

Reliable and continuous customer service is essential to N3SP and we are in constant dialogue with our customers about the service they receive from us.

The customer satisfaction survey

Our customer satisfaction surveys give us all the detail on how we're doing.

To encourage full and frank feedback, N3SP's market research is undertaken in two waves each year by GfK-NOP, an independent industry leader. Each research wave interviews over 100 customers from our service user base over the phone or face to face in one of three types of survey:

  • Event Driven Customer Survey Measure (EDCSM) for N3 Delivery and Incident Management
  • Perception Surveys for all aspects of the N3 Service
  • Face to Face interviews

Because the NHS is an evolving organisation with changing needs we constantly review the survey to keep it dynamic, whilst retaining core measures that we can compare wave upon wave.

Analysing and acting on feedback

One of our most important measures is that of customer dissatisfaction. Our surveys show that the drivers of customer satisfaction are often different to the drivers of dissatisfaction.

N3SP uses a Dissatisfaction Service Measure score with a target of 10 per cent or less. We can then carry out root cause analysis to find priority areas for service improvement using N3SP's Continuous Service Improvement Programme.

We're proud that the N3SP DSM score has improved dramatically since surveys began - in fact, from 84 per cent of customers dissatisfied in 2004 to the current score of 7.4 per cent (see image below).

 CSAT DISSAT Measure Wave 17

Over the last five years our customer satisfaction has consistently improved (see image below). This is testament to the hard work of the N3 team and the importance placed on getting it right for the customer.


 N3 Customer Satisfaction measure up to wave 16