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Wave 16 of low utilisation project draws to successful conclusion

NHS Digital and N3SP will shortly complete Wave 16 of the low utilisation project, helping to save the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The low utilisation project identifies sites which are either unreachable or have shown little or no usage over a three-month period.  Wave 16 started in March 2016 and identified a large number of sites with low utilisation thresholds and these formed the scope for Wave 16.  The majority of these services have now been through a thorough review process and so far, 128 sites have been ceased generating substantial savings in the region of £292,000 for the NHS. Many sites identified had a genuine reason for keeping their service however, and 207 sites were retained.

The project is currently processing the final 30 sites and once these have concluded this latest phase of Low Utilisation will complete.

NHS Digital and N3SP have worked closely together to generate these savings and the utilisation level for Wave 16 was raised from 1% to 2% utilisation to maximise the opportunity.

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