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Second N3 internet gateway upgrade boosts network security

Every successful film seems to have a sequel so why should network security be any different?

Given the prominence the NHS Digital gives to security that’s exactly what it decided to do. Building on last year’s implementation of capacity upgrades and enhanced security monitoring services to the N3 NHS internet gateway, the part of the network that carries traffic to and from the network known as Gateview, it commissioned its own sequel and further upgrade - Gateview 2.

Gateview 2, which was completed in July, will ensure the NHS continues to be supported by world-class security. It means that internet traffic can be prioritised according to clinical and business need and the network can cope with the inexorable increase in internet traffic, in this way helping healthcare professionals work more effectively and efficiently.

Specifically, Gateview 2’s additional features draw on one of N3SP’s key suppliers, US “software-as-a-service company”, ZScaler and in particular its Advance Behaviour Analysis capabilities.

Advanced Behavioural Analysis

  • These capabilities effectively provide a “sand box” capability that will run and examine the consequences and impact of malware or potential malware in a safe, segregated environment on the Zscaler infrastructure within the N3 Enhanced Internet Gateway. It does this by building virtual machines in which malware can be tested so potentially diverse and otherwise hidden threats or impacts can be exposed and future instances of the malware can be blocked effectively. In this way, it goes far beyond just “signature less” detection, with a comprehensive defence-in-depth approach.
  • Files from all websites can be sent
  • Suspicious content can be quarantined until analysed, so even the first person who attempts to download a malicious object will be protected
  • Extended reporting on Behavioural Analysis with actionable and easy to use forensic data
  • Provides easy-to-use detailed forensic information on zero-day malware, including security bypass techniques, network activity, persistence techniques (to evade destruction attempts), detection evading techniques, system and file configuration changes, memory and process analysis, packet captures for detailed analysis, and origin and destination analysis for suspect locations. Zscaler can record and replay the attack behaviour it saw as malware was executing.

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