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Not a lot of people know that

For more than a decade N3, the secure national broadband network built and managed for the NHS by BT, has been delivering fast broadband network service which provide healthcare with quick easy access to information anywhere, anytime ensuring patients get the best possible care whenever and wherever they need it.

N3 underpins many of the services the NHS relies on today. From transmitting medical images and prescriptions to booking appoints and supporting multidisciplinary team meeting, N3 has become part of the fabric of the NHS helping it run more efficiently and productively and saving money.

But what a lot of people don’t know is….

  • N3 has saved the NHS nearly £1 billion in its lifetime
  • Without it 39.000 hospital appointments couldn’t be made each day and 675,000 electronic prescriptions couldn’t be sent.
  • N3 transmits the equivalent of 150 billion printed A4 pages every day
  • It is one of Europe’s largest virtual private networks with more than 51,000 connections
  • N3 connects 1.3 million NHS staff and every GP, hospital and clinic in England and Scotland
  • The network has more than 12,000kms of fibre, enough to stretch from London to San Francisco and back
  • If N3 Videoconferencing was extended across the whole of the NHS it has the potential to save £100 million
  • It has won an impressive nine awards for quality, innovation, efficiency teamwork and collaboration

For further interesting facts on the N3 network and the cost and efficiency saving services it offers please click here.

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