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N3 Usage During Peak Periods – Communications

Analysis into N3 usage has recently been undertaken to better understand the requirements for additional capacity whilst demand is put upon the network, especially during busy periods. 

As you may be aware during key news related, social and sporting events or during the download of Microsoft software updates, for example, demand across the N3 core network increases, and capacity on the internet gateway approaches its limit, potentially resulting in slower than normal internet performance.

This communication is sent in part to reassure users that all ‘core’ business critical N3 traffic is protected and is prioritised, however non business critical traffic i.e. internet bound is not prioritised and as such, performance may be impacted by the additional demand for the N3 service.

The N3 service is aware of a number of key sporting events and activities planned over the coming months and users are reminded that access to the Internet via the N3 network is to predominantly to support business needs. Please ensure that usage does not conflict with either N3 or local IT usage policies. 

If users need to access what is considered restricted material, please contact the N3 helpdesk on 0800 085 0503 Option 1



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