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N3 Voice Services

The N3 network connects to most NHS locations. N3 Voice Services offers organisations of all sizes the opportunity to enjoy cheaper, more resilient voice services that are simpler and easier to manage than DIY solutions. Over 12% of NHS Trusts across England are now using N3 Voice Services.

Doctor at his deskThe key benefits of Voice Services including free on-net calls and reduced cost to call mobiles and also identified by NHS functional users.

There are two types of N3 Voice Services: N3 Local Gateway Service is for organisations and sites with a large existing voice switch that they wish to connect directly to the N3 Voice Services network. LGS tends to be used by large hospital and trust sites with large numbers of users. The N3 Hosted Voice Service is aimed at the small to medium sized user and removes the need for on-site voice switches and equipment, providing centrally managed IP telephony handsets and associated services. Get your question answered at Voice Services Frequently Asked Questions 



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