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N3SP Senior Account Managers

The Senior Account Managers specifically manage all new business for our catalogue services.  They are your first point of contact for any queries about N3 products and services.

NameLocationContact details
Simon Barron London Region

Phone: 01977 592670 / 07850 732150

Dave Cooper London Region

Phone: 02077 785817 / 07885 302976

Heather Cruickshank South East Central, Essex Regions

Phone: 02078 768354 / 07743 843932

Phil Stewart Midlands and East Regions

Phone: 01442 208040 / 07802 760107

Jeff Uncles  West Midlands Region

Phone: 0121 230 2799 / 07740 817132

Phil Lowe South West Region

Phone: 0121 230 2229 / 07711 683797

Allan Elms North West Region

Phone: 01908 862452 / 07764 144269

David Gibson North East Region

Phone:07793 312401

Colin Harwood N3 Helpdesk Manager

Phone: Via the Helpdesk on 0800 085 0503 opt 3
Email: Via the Helpdesk on


N3SP Help Desk

The N3SP helpdesk is available as your first point of contact for any queries you have. Please phone the helpdesk to speak to someone who can assist before using any of the email addresses below.

0800 085 0503

  • Option One: Reporting or Information on Existing Faults
  • Option Two: Information on Provision/Migration of N3 Service, incl. engineering appointments
  • Option Three: All other enquiries
  • Option Four: Book an N3 Video Conferencing call and N3MeetMe and N3WebEx enquiries
  • Option Five: Mobile Health Worker technical enquiry

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Option 1 - Reporting a fault

N3SP operates a jeopardy management process for all faults, which will automatically initiate escalations at critical points in the fault management process.

However, if at any time you are not satisfied with the progress of a fault, you can initiate a formal escalation via the Service Desk 0800 085 0503 option 1.

N3SP operates a six level escalation process designed to overcome barriers that delay the swift resolution of a fault. You can continue to escalate faults via the Service Desk, but allow each level time to resolve the fault (see escalation timescales guide below).

For information only, your escalation will be dealt with by the following people or their nominated deputy.

Note: Major incidents are typically defined as 5 sites or more with Severity 1 faults.

LevelRoleEscalation Timescales Guide
One N3SP Service Desk Team  
Two N3SP Operations Manager 15 minutes for Major Incidents
45 minutes for Severity 1
Three N3SP Senior Operations Manager 15 minutes for Major Incidents
60 minutes for Severity 1
Four Head of Service 30 minutes for Major Incidents
120 minutes for Severity 1
Five Operations Director At the discretion of Head of Service
Six VP Customer Service Operations At discretion of Operations Director

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Option 2 - Provision enquiries

If you'd like an update on an order you've placed or have a provision enquiry, please call us on 0800 085 0503 option 2. When calling please provide one of the following:

  • Order request reference BT-N3-xxxxx
  • Site Identification Number (SIN)
  • CRM Order Reference N3BT1-xxxxxxx
  • Location and Post Code

However, if you have a requirement to bring forward your N3 provision / migration date, this request should be escalated with NHS Connecting For Health and N3 leads at the Strategic Health Authority.

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Option 3 - General enquiries

Our Help Desk Managers at option 3 will be able to assist you with any general enquiries you have about N3 products and services and placing orders. 

N3SP Help Desk Managers

LocationNameContact details
North East Lee Cross Phone:0800 085 0503 opt 3
North West Geoff Bushell Phone:0800 085 0503 opt 3
London Rob Johnson Phone:0800 085 0503 opt 3
West Midlands Rob Jones Phone:0800 085 0503 opt 3
Southern Debi Clarke Phone:0800 085 0503 opt 3

N3SP Customer Experience Managers

LocationNameContact details
Southern Jon Thompson

Phone: 07802 940814

London Clive Wigginton

Phone: 07802 765447

North West & West Midlands Sharon Osborne

Phone: 07753 560065

North East Tony Barry

Phone: 07710 105100

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Other N3SP Teams

The following list of email addresses are group N3SP mailboxes set up to help you receive a prompt response to specific enquiries. This will ensure emails aren't missed when individuals are out of the office.

Before you use these group email addresses, please contact the Help Desk on 0800 085 0503, who will refer you to a specific department.

Group name Description of use Contact details
CRM Team Published on the CRM system this group email address is for the CRM team, dealing with:
request changes to existing CRM user IDs, CRM suggestions, request site data changes including building new sites on the CRM queries relating to Access Agreements and Expressions of Interest.
N3SP IP Addressing Team Use this email address for requesting IP address ranges or for any IP addressing queries.
N3SP Change Control team Use this email address if you have change requests, or have change query.
N3SP Hot Issues Team Use this email address If you have an N3 issue which has been logged as an escalation and you need to check its progress


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Planned Outages

Please contact N3SP by completing an N3 Customer Outage Notification.

Hot Issues

To request an order onto the Hot Issues list for faster delivery, please contact NHS N3 Implementation Manager with these details:

  • Site code
  • Order number: BT-N3-
  • SIN number (if known)
  • Site address and postcode
  • Required delivery date and reason for escalation

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N3SP Complaints


To raise a complaint with N3SP please complete and submit this Complaint Submission form.

Or you many send your complaint by recorded delivery to:

N3 Complaints Team
pp G5
Dumbarton TEL EXCH
Strathleven Place
Lanarkshire G82 1BA

Once we've received your complaint this is what happens:

  1. N3SP will contact you within 1 working day to confirm we have received and registered your complaint.
  2. The N3SP complaints team will agree a contact plan with you while the complaint is investigated.
  3. The N3SP complaints team will be in touch once a week until your complaint is resolved.
  4. A full response will be supplied to you addressing the issues, including details of the complaint investigation and answering all your questions and concerns.
  5. Once you are happy with the response, we will ask for your approval to close the complaint. If we don't hear from you within 5 working days of sending our response, we'll assume all is well and close the complaint.

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N3 Health and Social Care Information Centre Implementation Managers

For all enquiries email

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Alternatively you can use the online contact us form for general enquiries.