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Voice Services benefits

Gain call cost savings and cost control
N3 Voice Services provide some of the most competitive tariffs in the country. Reduced costs with N3 Voice Services can come from the free on-net calls to other users of Voice Services anywhere across the UK, from centralised PSTN calls and from centralised calls to mobile users through the mobile gateway. Moreover, call costs are more transparent and measurable.

Be reassured in emergency and disaster
Almost all trusts have implemented a high level of contingency for data services by connecting to the NHS N3 private network. But voice calls are even more critical in an emergency. By the simple addition of a few components and enabling voice services, a trust can gain the resilience and dependability of the N3 network for telephony too. N3 is a new network built from the ground up, with proven reliability, 24/7 central management and back-up capacity so N3 provides resilience if other voice networks fail in emergency or disaster.

Integrate for optimum efficiency
Many existing local NHS voice networks can be varied and complex. N3 enables NHS organisations to integrate their existing voice estates, giving them access to new and cost effective converged IP voice communications.

Support organisational change
New voice connections can be provided to new buildings and people can be moved between locations extremely easily. Voice facilities can be brought to wherever they are needed - they no longer have to be ‘hard-wired' to specific offices or locations.

Enable staff to work in new ways
Intelligent telephone systems enable staff, clinicians and patients to contact the people and get the information they need much more efficiently. Staff become more contactable. Staff can communicate more easily wherever they are so they collaborate and work together better.

Be sure you are future proofed
Technology changes fast. N3 Voice Services are based on industry standards so they will support future multimedia services. As the technology changes, N3 Voice Services will continue to support it.