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Local Gateway Services

N3 Local Gateway Service is for organisations and sites with a large existing voice switch that they wish to connect directly to the N3 Voice Services network. LGS tends to be used by large hospital and trust sites with large numbers of users.

Connectivity options allow industry standard connectivity to local IP Telephony systems, either by a DPNSS or H323 PABX interface.

Hospital receptionThe Local Gateway allows connectivity to all N3 Voice Network services with features including free on-net, low cost mobile and PSTN calls (which can be retained as a resilience option).

The N3 Call Commit package offers significant reductions in Mobile and PSTN call charges for LGS over standard pricing.  Customers making a commitment to a minimum call spend over an agreed period will save 25% on standard PSTN calls and daytime call rates to mobiles will be up to 20% less. N3 Call Commit tariffs are available from the CRM.   

N3 Local Gateway Services provide channels in multiples of 10 simultaneous voice calls. The maximum number depends on the underlying data catalogue service. The LGS connects through one or more E1 or Ethernet interfaces on an additional N3 router. Expansion to up to 90 channels is possible on an appropriate connection - see technical description for a table that shows the number of channels per catalogue service.


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