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Hosted Voice Services

The N3 Hosted Voice Service is aimed at the small to medium-sized user and removes the need for on-site voice switches and equipment, providing centrally managed IP telephony handsets and associated services. The key features of Hosted Voice Services  include simple moves and changes, free on-net calls and reduced tariff fixed-to-mobile calls, which are also available with N3 Local Gateway Services.fuzzy picture

Typically a site can have four phone handsets for each channel on the N3 network, but higher ratios are possible if the site has a low calling rate. The number of concurrent calls supported for each catalogue service ranges from 9 to 90 depending on the service used. A high level architecture diagram shows how the service is configured. 

The N3 Voice Services H-UCS (Hosted Unified Communications System) platform has the option to use the integral directory facility which is enabled when a site is first commissioned. The directory can be viewed on the phone handset screen. Call management and directory functions can be administered or managed by a user or by a site or regional administrator with the Self Serve feature. This feature also enables administrators or users to manage their phone handsets and phone handset features securely online using a web browser without the need for an order to be placed with N3.

Additionally, N3 Hosted Voice Service provides an option to terminate local PSTN services for inbound and outbound calls as well as a national break-out/break-in PSTN gateway with competitive nationally-agreed call rates.

If required, non-geographic DDI (Direct Dialling In) numbers (eg: 05xxx, 0845, 0870) for incoming calls can be provided.

Business Continuity is important for all organisations and N3 Voice Services can offer different options. The basic service, Call Forwarding Un-registered (CFUR), is free to all N3 HVS customers.  When an HVS site is first commissioned, it's important to make certain that this service has been enabled for each phone handset. If for any reason a phone handset becomes unregistered with the N3 HVS, calls are automatically forwarded to a specified direct dial number (PSTN) or mobile number.

HVS Small Sites Solution option enables GPs and other smaller sites with existing N3 data connections to gain the benefits of Hosted Voice Services. An additional IP Stream connection will be provided which will enable a maximum of 8 concurrent calls with up to 40 phone handsets.

Auto Attendant option allows an N3 Hosted Voice Service customer to route callers to a selected destination.

Single Number Reach (SNR) is a feature where an incoming call to a HVS handset will ring and may be answered at multiple locations.

There is a very attractive range of phone handsets to select from, including Cisco models: 7911G (Standard), 7942G (Enhanced), 7962G (Premium), 7936 (conference speaker phone) and 7920 & 7921 (wireless handsets).

If you already have a Cisco Call Manager then we can Lift and Shift your existing phone handsets to the N3 Hosted Voice Service saving you money by not having to buy new phone handsets.


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