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Save time and money

Video conferencing enables you to share information immediately, without the need for everyone to be in the same place. Clinicians and specialists from different hospitals can share information virtually and review patient cases, thus saving time. In turn, the patients benefit from wider expertise, knowledge transfer between clinicians and they can be diagnosed faster. Cancer Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs) already using video conferencing typically save around 15,000 hours of staff time each year, with one third of that time being Consultant time.

N3 Managed Video Conferencing Service will save the NHS money on two counts. Firstly, because it's built into the network each Trust doesn't have to buy expensive bridge equipment to enable the service. Secondly, it will reduce travel costs for Trusts because clinicians and other staff will not have to travel to meetings. For patients there is a reduced need to travel to see a specialist as the specialist can view patient information remotely with local clinicians and agree a treatment plan. And since PACs and other digital images can be shared virtually, there's no need to send CD-ROMs containing patient data. Video conferencing could save the NHS over £13.9 million a year in travel costs**.



**Data from "Saving Carbon Improving Health" NHS Sustainability Development Unit