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Point-to-point and multi-point


Point-to-point is a live video and audio communication link used to communicate between two points at the same time:

  • Two locations in the same Trust
  • Senior management or teams in two different locations

 Point-to-point is good for:

  • Sharing and reviewing clinical data e.g. Remote monitoring, for example in paediatrics, stroke management and rehabilitation 
  • Remote consultations including neurology, A&E, mental health, neo-natal
  • Staff recruitment and appraisals - interview potential staff and students remotely
  • Support staff and informatics meetings
  • Sign-language interpretation
  • Virtual meetings between two groups of people in specific locations - for instance five in one and four in another

Limitations of point-to-point:

  • Bandwidth required increases in proportion to the amount of data being exchanged
  • Audit trail of actions taken by whom with a timeline sequence often required
  • Extra equipment is necessary to show physical objects


Multi-point conference systems allow you to connect multiple audio and video sites together simultaneously.

Multi-point is good for:

  • Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meetings such as Cancer Networks or Stroke and thrombosis
  • Distance learning - learn new surgery techniques and effectively deliver courses with strong visual elements
  • NHS support meetings such as finance, executive meetings and training