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Personal video conferencingVid conf 1

Become part of a video community from your own desk, carry out remote diagnosis and referral, meet with colleagues. Join in management meetings and briefings, be a more effective member of your team.......learn more.

Vid Conf 2Meeting rooms

Meetings often need different participants from various locations. Video enabled meeting rooms allow for efficient decision-making, reduced travel, and significant cost savings.....learn more.

Multi Disciplinary Teams Sheffield MTD

Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) meetings are at the core of successful network medicine, their ease of use and reliability is more important than ever. ......learn more.

Clinical and telehealth

Telehealth addresses the need for rapid diagnosis and access to expertise. Developments in high definition video conferencing have seen the applications for this technology grow significantly........learn more.

Video conferencing trainingTraining

By video-enabling clinical and academic areas, a larger number of students and post-graduates have access to key opinion leaders, and a more enriched curriculum.........learn more.