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Increased productivity

Time saved from not travelling to trust meetings means more time to do your job, leading to faster decision making which increase productivity.

Improved patient outcomes

Less time spent traveling between trust buildings means more time with your patients, which is likely to improve their outcomes.

Cost savings

Audio conferencing is one of the most cost-effective ways of meeting people based in different locations. There is no cost to opening or maintaining a N3 MeetMe account - it is a pay-as-you-go service. There are huge savings to made for your trust when balancing the cost of the service against travel costs .


The NHS is the largest contributor to Green House Gas Equivalents (GHGe) across Government, using N3 MeetMe will reduce the need to travel which will make a major contribution to reducing GHGe.

Ease of use

There's no need to book. All you need is a phone, landline or mobile. You don't need to be in an office. N3 MeetMe can be accessed with a local dial-in number. The chairperson and participants use the same dial-in numbers and passcodes for every conference call.