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Technichal and order information


N3 Mobile Health Worker (MHW) provides an expanded mobility capability supplied by N3. It provides a wider selection of end user devices including iPad /other tablets and the standard ruggedized laptop. These end devices have been selected to ensure MHW provides "fit for purpose devices". The MHW package includes all configuration, maintenance and support with numerous optional hardware, software and service components that may be required by the end users and their parent organisations to ensure a successful rollout.

MHW services are intended for N3/NHS customers who require effective Mobility options as part of an overall N3 connectivity service.

Key features:

  • Tablet/ iPad/Android/ Windows Tablet, Standard or Ruggedized Laptop devices
  • Design and Test
  • Software components - Security and Acceleration
  • Air time provision from EE/BT Mobile1 /02 3G/GPRS Mobile providers with integrated, inclusive Wi-Fi
  • Connectivity via N3 VPN, N3 Mobile Xpress / Cisco AnyConnect client according to device operating system
  • Configuration support and testing
  • Helpdesk
  • Maintenance
  • On-going support/Reporting according to service level chosen
  • Device deployments with N3 RAS token where required.

The service will be delivered using the following components either as standard optional components.

Hardware:  Android/iPad/tablet/ Laptop or Panasonic Semi Rugged laptop OR alternative laptop manufacturers model as required. 

Note that all devices include smart card reader for access to NHS national applications.

Network Access:  Multiple access methods available: - GPRS, 3G, DSL, Wi-Fi Hotspots, Managed WLAN or Private Wi-Fi from a number of commercial providers.  GPRS and 3G provided through O2, EE, BT Mobile, or any other provider as appropriate (4G is device dependant, and can be supplied by arrangement)

Remote Access & Persistence: N3 Remote Access Service (N3-12-13 as standard) - Please check with N3 Account Manager as there are options for the token may be supplied/deployed with the devices at the customers request. 

VPN Persistence: The New N3 Remote Access Service is provided and tested with MHW Connectivity Client providing Network disconnection tolerance - this maintains the VPN connection in the background when 3G or Wi-Fi drops out, and reconnects to the VPN.

Testing of the VPN Persistence software: - to test SSL session persistence capabilities when switching between 3G / Wi-Fi. As part of the VPN and 3g/Wi-Fi testing, an SSL VPN session was established from the Cisco AnyConnect client across the Internet to the VPN infrastructure whilst connected to a Wi-Fi access point. The remote user device was then moved out of range of the Wi-Fi access point to force the Cisco AnyConnect client to failover to 3G.

The expected outcomes of the test were the VPN to stay connected to the the Health and Social Care Information Centre website and for there to be minimal/no impact on the applications running on the remote user device. The AnyConnect client to show that the SSL VPN is still connected Applications running on the remote user device to continue to work.

Testing results Table below.



Pass / Fail


Windows 7


The SSL VPN remained connected after failing over to 3G and is still accessible.

Windows XP (MHW)


The SSL VPN remained connected after failing over to 3G and is still accessible.



The SSL VPN remained connected after failing over to 3G and is still accessible.



The SSL VPN remained connected after failing over to 3G and is still accessible.

Android Phone

Unable To Test

Unable to test as the AnyConnect Client is not supported on the device at the time of testing

Android Tablet


The SSL VPN stays connected after failing over to 3G and is still accessible.

For the iPad and Android devices the connectivity client can be downloaded from the appropriate application stores.

Software Services: Typically Acceleration CPE Solution and/or device MHW "Gold Build" (where required),   and/or Application pre-tested BitLocker as part of agreed Gold Build.

Other Mobile Health Worker Elements:

Design and testing: Solution designers will work with the NHS Organisations or customer to determine the 'best fit' mobility solution and the Configuration of the "Gold Build".

Installation: A dedicated technical team under the guidance of a designated project manager will perform the installation.

Project Management: The project management service assists customers with the critical task of implementing business and technical change within their organisations.

Post Installation Support:

These are now built into four levels of support which are configurable for individual requirements.

Lite -Touch

A basic hardware supply, support and replacement service   Next Business Day replacement for mobile devices or Acceleration Server hardware maintenance where applicable.

Helpdesk support:  Operates 9 am - 5 pm basis Monday to Friday except bank holidays.


This includes device replacement service and the remote management of the end user device using Mobile Device Management software (MDM). The MDM software enables remote diagnostics, and over the air (OTA) upgrades of connection/VPN client software.


A full support desk service, including first line application support, device management using the MDM software, and OTA upgrades. Monthly reports covering faults, device utilisation, and SIM usage this is in addition to the device support and swap out service.


As standard, but a fully managed service with enhanced analysis based on the MDM software, advanced analytical tools- regular service reviews to review enhanced reporting.

Note: enhanced analytics are due for deployment - June 2013


For quotes and example pricing - please consult your N3 Account Manager.