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Key Benefits

All taken care of

A managed service, tailored to your needs. We can take care of everything: the devices, software, mobile network, N3 connections, car chargers, maintenance and upgrades, plus helpdesk support for users. It means you can focus on your patients and your business.

Cut travel, work greener

Flexible working with N3 Mobile Health Worker can help cut down on unnecessary journeys to and from central offices. Less time in transit can mean more time for patients, lower costs and a better work/life balance for everyone.

It's greener and more sustainable for the NHS too. Easier access to NHS national applications on the move means that healthcare can go to the patient rather than the patient to healthcare. Collaboration with colleagues at a distance is faster and simpler as well.

Boost staff retention

There's greater job satisfaction all round. Clinicians can do the job they trained for, instead of information chasing. People in non-clinical roles have more freedom because they have more workplace options: working from home, on the train or from a different office.

Avoid the waste of data duplication

Having to enter the same information into patients' records when away from the office or updating records from written notes can be a big frustration. But N3 Mobile Health Worker can save time and cut risks because clinicians can change and add to notes on the spot, just once, while they're with a patient. That's better and safer for everyone.

Give patients a better experience

Having the right information to hand at point of care can radically improve the experience and overall outcome for patients. On discharge from hospital, they have the reassurance that a healthcare plan is in place with professionals available for home visits. Community nurses can access records, test results and future appointment details from patients' homes to give a better, less stressful form of care. The streamlined switch from hospital care to community care can reduce bed blocking too.

Avoid the inconvenience and cost of emergency admissions

Nobody wants to go into hospital. But sometimes admission has a ‘momentum of its own' because it's the only place where a patient with complex conditions can get essential long-term monitoring and assessment. But with easier access to patient information, care teams can make more informed decisions and possibly avoid or reduce the stress and inconvenience of unnecessary hospital admissions for the patient and significant costs for Healthcare organisations.