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Intuitive Technology

Just a few clicks and you're in

N3 Mobile Health Worker brings together all of the current, widely available access technologies into one user-friendly interface. With the result that access to the N3 network is always straightforward, secure and effortless.

The best available network? It's automatic

N3 Mobile Health Worker uses the best available access method to link you into N3, according to your preferences. It can be WiFi, 3G/GPRS, broadband or LAN. And even if the mobile or WiFi signal drops, you can be sure of staying connected to your applications.

The mobile devices you prefer, all ready to go

There's a variety of devices to choose from so everyone can have what suits their role and NHS applications needs best.

With Windows-based devices, such as Panasonic Toughbooks, Lenovo laptops and Windows 8 tablets, we can supply each one pre-built, tested and ready for action.

Apple iPads, iPad Minis and Samsung Galaxy Androids are on offer too, each with its own service package.

If there's ever a problem, specialist help is available plus a device replacement service with 24-hour turnaround.