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Remote Access Benefits

How do you benefit?

Get more done

Staff can work more productively because they can have patients' records and business applications at their fingertips whenever and wherever they choose: in a patient's home, in their own home, in a parked car or someone else's office. Clinicians can spend more time with patients and less time on admin at their desk. There's less risk of duplicated effort too because notes and documents can be updated immediately at a distance, wherever they're held.

Give patients a better experience

Clinicians can have a more complete picture of their patient at the point of care. They can take a more informed decision so that there is less risk of misdiagnosis and the stress and inconvenience of unnecessary hospital admissions and repeated tests.

Save time and money

N3 Remote Access can cut down on wasted time because it cuts down on unnecessary journeys. Community clinicians, for example, don't have to return to base every time they need to check and update a patient's details. People in other roles, from finance to IT, can go to work without leaving home or hot-desk where they choose. More home working and local working can help reduce travel costs.

Boost staff retention

Staff can enjoy a better work/life balance because their commuting journeys could be kept to a minimum.

Easy to use

Simply use your pre assigned PIN and the key-ring fob and tap in a short code to link into N3.

Compatible with many different mobile devices

Opt for N3 Mobile Remote Access and staff can use the mobile device they like working with best: their Smartphone, laptop, iPad or tablet. There's no need to switch devices or invest in new ones.