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PSN access process for non-NHS users

How to apply for non-NHS PSN access:

If you don't have an existing agreement with N3, you will need to complete the  following Expression of Interest Form which will enable us to send you an Network Access Agreement to sign.

Important : Input "Non NHS" in the Organisation Code field of the form.

As part of the ordering process you must confirm that your organisation complies with Health and Social care Information Centre (HSCIC) Requirements, Electronic Government Interoperability Framework - IGSoC  or the most up-to-date PSN IA Conditions.

Please establish your requirement access with the particular NHS sponsor organisation(s)  that you are conducting business with so that you can provide the Health and Social Care Information Centre with the detail of the applications. Please review and discuss the Companion Document with your sponsoring NHS organisations, before you apply for IGSOC, and include technical details such as intranet destinations and IP addressing.

When you have your Access Agreement and Authority to Proceed (ATP) from IGSOC, N3 will be notified and will email you to tell you when we are ready to process your quotation.

To start the N3 PSN order process, please complete the Quote Request Form to request your quote.

Whilst your quote is being processed please complete the Access Control List in your Companion document.

When you receive your quote and you are happy to proceed, please submit a Service Order Form, and choose N3-1-11P or N3-1-14P for your PSN access for non-NHS users. On accepting your quotation, you will need to include your Network Access Agreement number (NAAxxxx) on the form. A copy of the IGSOC Access Control List Approval must be sent to N3 together with your order.