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Medium Sites

These N3 connections provide medium sites with a guaranteed level of bandwidth with 10Mbp/s Next Generation Ethernet connectivity on the primary connection.  The N3-2-78, N3-2-79 and N3-2-95 services are available in England and Scotland have 10Mbp/s Ethernet as the Primary service and with an up-to 8Mbp/s DSL,  an up-to 20Mbp/s ADSL2+ or up-to 35Mbp/s FTTC backup (dependent on availability at your site location) all  supplied with a single Cisco CPE.

N3-2-74 connections provide sites with high availability guaranteed bandwidth services with dual CPE installed on site by N3SP.  This service uses the latest Next Generation Ethernet for both primary and backup connections and has a 10Mbp/s primary and 5Mbp/s secondary circuit and is available in England and Scotland. Please note: you may find that our products aimed at small sites give you the required bandwidth. Check out our small site section here.


10Mbp/s NGE Primary with a NGA DSL Secondary

10Mbp/s Next Generation Ethernet primary with  (up to 8Mbp/s) DSL back up


10Mbp/s Next Generation Ethernet primary with (up to 20Mbp/s)DSL back up



10Mbp/s Next Generation Ethernet primary with (up to 35Mbp/s) FTTC back up




10Mbp/s Next Generation Ethernet primary with 5Mbp/s Next Generation Ethernet back up 


 *Respective products are capable of up to 8Mbp/s, 20Mbp/s or 35Mbp/s downstream on the backup which is dependent on line quality, distance from exchange and concurrent load on the BT Wholesale infrastructure.

$Using N3's VPN services, you can connect your main and branch sites. To connect one main and one branch site, use the N3 Main to Branch 1 to 1 VPN service. The N3 Main to Branch 2 to 5 VPN solution can connect up to five branch sites with a main site. Follow the links for N3 Main to Branch VPN 1:1 and N3 Main and Branch 2 to 5 VPN for more information on these  

Contract term: 1 year

Delivery time:  90 Days

More information on these products, like technical specs and SLAs, are available in the N3 Implementation Guide which is on the N3 CRM.

How to order:

Order these products through the N3 CRM. Contact your Trust or Health Board if you don't have CRM access. Or if you're a self funding customer, click here.

Bespoke solutions

If you'd like something different, we can do that too. We'll chat through your requirements and then price it up. Give us a ring on 0800 085 0503 option 3 and we'll get the ball rolling.