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Order an N3 Service

All the information you need to order an N3 product or service whether you have central funding or you are a self funding customer.

Centrally funded customers

If your N3 product or service is being funded by the Health and Social Care Information Centre, this is how you place an order:

Once you've decided which N3 product or service you'd like (check out our N3 Cloud Services and N3 Cloud Connect sections), you can place your order one of two ways:

  • Through the N3 CRM - you will need to register to use the CRM, all instructions are on the CRM homepage
  • Phone the N3 Helpdesk - 0800 085 0503 option 3

Once you've placed your order on the N3 CRM, you can get status updates, make changes, amend your contact details and view reports. 

Top ups and re-grades

A ‘top-up' is when you'd like a larger bandwidth service that the NAA specifies.  Please request this top up at the initial ordering stage, via quotation, on the N3 CRM.  The top up element will need to be paid for by local funding. A top-up can only be requested at this first step of implementation and may not be able to be applied once a service or order is either ‘in delivery' or is ‘in service'.

An ‘re-grade' is when you'd like a smaller or larger connection for an existing, already installed or ‘in delivery' N3 service.  Please request an upgrade on the N3 CRM.  If there is a difference between the NAA provided service and the increased service requested, it is paid for from local funding.

The difference between top-ups and re-grades is that the former does not incur any additional costs, other than those to fund the difference in bandwidth from the NAA value to the required level, which will be paid by the local customer. A re-grade may incur some additional costs over and above that required to fund the additional bandwidth like cease and cancellation charges for the existing (or ‘in delivery') N3 service, which must also be paid for from local funds. The NAA monthly amount will continue to be available towards the monthly cost of the new service.

Self funding customers 

If you are a Self-Funding Customer, (meaning you are a private (non-NHS) company or self-funding NHS organisation) wishing to order a first or subsequent N3 connection here is how you place your order:   

Step one - N3 Access Agreement and site details 

Please submit an e-mail to with Subject Header ‘N3 Access Agreement Request’. Your e-mail must include the full details of the company name and registered address. Please include your ODS code if known. We’ll then send you an N3 Access Agreement for you to sign and return.

Step two - Statement of compliance

Please read the Statement of Compliance details on the the Health and Social Care Information Centre website.  You will need to complete the Information Governance Statement of Compliance process.

Step three - site details

When you have your access agreement and Authority to Proceed (ATP) from IGSoC, please complete the site form. (For this you will need your access agreement number (NAAxxxx) and ODS code). This form will enable N3 to build your site details into our CRM system allowing us to create your order when required.

Step four - pricing

N3SP have some set prices available below.  Unfortunately we can't give set pricing for every service as costs can vary depending on the distance between your site and the infrastructure.  Details of all the N3 products and services are available in the N3 Implementation Guide. You can request a quote for any of these connections by completing the Quote Request form. 

Pricing information
Install charge Monthly rental Total cost over 1 year term
£3,860.40 £157.20 £5,746.80


Step five - placing an order for an N3 service

Once step one and two are completed you will receive an Access Agreement number from N3SP and also an Authority to Proceed notification from the IG SOC team, you are then ready to place your N3 order.  Please complete and submit this Order Form.

Once we receive your order, we'll be in touch to let you know when the lines and router will be installed.  We can only make the N3 connection live once the Access Agreement and Statement of Compliance (steps one and two) have been completed. 

Please click here to view the N3 Implementation Guide.

More information about N3 is available in the N3 Story section or phone our N3 Helpdesk on 0800 085 0503 option 3 or email us at