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Glossary of terms

Acceptance Test   A test of an IT system that ensures that it meets the requirements specified of:
  • Functionality
  • Inter-operation
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Resilience (e.g. sensitivity to external failures)
  • User interaction
  • Data migration (both the migration itself and the operation of the solution with migrated data).
See also User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
Access   To be able to place orders with N3 and get access to the full functionality of the customer website you need to be registered as a customer. There is a contractual requirement to be completed before any customer can have access to an N3 service. This is called an ‘access agreement’ and will need to be signed by an authorised person within the Organisation and N3SP.
Access Restrictions   A set of rules that is held in the N3 router that prevents access to the customer site.
ADSL for home workers   A managed service providing uncontended broadband for clinicians working from home.
Audit Trail   A record showing the occurrence of specified events relevant to the security of a computer system.
Authenticated   The confirmation following User Authentification that the end user is actually the person he/she purports to be.
User Authentification   The process of ensuring an end user is actually the person he/she purports to be.
Authority   The Department of Health.
Bandwidth   An industry standard term to measure the amount of data you can send through a network or modem connection. The more bandwidth, the more information that can be transferred at one time.
Branch surgeries   A secondary location to a main GP practice. Usually small in size and often with limited hours of operation.
Broadband Aggregation Programme BAP The DTI initiative to aggregate public sector broadband demand through regional and national (for the NHS and schools, for example) procurement.
Broadband for Britain Programme   To introduce broadband into every Public Sector site in the UK, acknowledging public services would drive the initiative forward in 2003, the N3 contract puts the NHS at the forefront of the initiative.
BS7799   The British standard for Information Security management. This standard provides a comprehensive set of controls comprising best practices in information security.
Catalogue Services   A catalogue of all the N3 services that are available to order. These are usually classified according to the number of network devices and types of applications in use at a site.
Catalogue Service Change(s)   Any change to any one or more of the Catalogue Services (or any aspect of) or to the Catalogue
Change Control   A system during software development that provides revision control and backup safety for work products during their formative development.
Change Control Note CCN A three part form to recording the initiation, impact and approval of a change to a contract or specification.
Change Management Board CMB Similar to the NCCB but with far greater powers to approve or reject. Used by the NCCB to approve changes that impact Contracts, delivery dates or budgets.
Class of Service COS Class of Service is a mechanism for designating different priorities to network streams. Routers will maintain separate queues for different priority streams and based on the policies installed in the router, streams will be routed according to their priority if the router is faced with congestion on a link. N3 has a range of Classes of Service defined in its QoS Policy, in order that N3 Customer who use Catalogue Service that are QoS enabled can classify their applications to an appropriate Class of Service to support the most efficiently utilisation of their available network bandwidth.
Community of Interest Network COIN COINS are established via an intelligent network design for a community of sites with similar business needs. They can cover both Local and National Programme needs, although are usually more oriented to meet defined local needs. They can be purely local initiatives, including full local funding or they can deliver combined needs, both local and National Programme, in which case the National Programme will contribute to the costs, whilst ensuring the design will satisfy the National Programme Service Levels for at least the National Programme part of the design.
Connector   Specialised software used to synchronise the contents of a directory with those of other data sources.
Contract Month A calendar month  
Contractor Notice of Change   A request for a Change made by the Contractor
Convergence   Convergence – the integration of voice and data networks – is changing the way that business is done. By allowing voice and data applications to share resources with each other and collaborate in real time, it is already resulting in significant cost savings for the NHS.
Customer Funded Services   Those Catalogue Services provided to any Authority Service Recipient(s) under Orders in respect of which the relevant NHS Customer or Non-NHS Customer is responsible for paying the whole of the Actual Price,
Customer Funded Payments   The payments due from an NHS Customer or Non-NHS Customer (as appropriate) to the Contractor for Customer Funded Services or that part of the Actual Price payable by an NHS Customer or a Non-NHS Customer for a Catalogue Service (where the provision of such Catalogue Service is only partly met by Authority Funded Payments) for the relevant Catalogue Service provided to that NHS Customer or Non-NHS Customer
Customer Relationship Management System CRM A web-based system through which N3 customers can place orders for their N3 connection. The system also provides additional functionality in that it also allows customers to keep track of delivered N3 services, maintain contact details, and make use of downloadable reporting. Click here to login to the CRM
Demand Forecast   An annually agreed programme of work for N3 rollout activity,
Digital Private Networking Signalling Service DPNSS Provides high functionality across voice networks
Foundation Services   Foundation Services provide support and service