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Fund my N3 connection

The provision of central funding is determined in budget allocation by the Department of Health. The National Allocation Algorithm (NAA) defines the coverage of central funding and the relevant catalogue services for NHS organisations.  Additional funding rules have been agreed for Social Enterprise organisations.

It is based on the type of organisation; the fact that an organisation is, or is not, part of the NHS or entitled to act as an NHS organisation does not determine whether it is locally or centrally funded.

Any connection not included within these categories requires local funding. Any requirements for connections larger than those defined in the NAA to support local applications for example, are locally funded. Any additional services provided by N3 beyond the connection provided under the NAA will also require local funding.

A number of organisation types include a reference to Independent Sector Providers. Normally an Independent Sector provider will be run by staff not employed by, or contracted to the NHS, not on NHS premises and when doing work for the NHS receiving payment for specified activities. It is recognised that there may be some occasions where the identification of an Independent Service Provider may be difficult. Where this is in doubt please confirm with your N3 Health and Social Care Information Centre Implementation Manager.

Queries concerning whether an organisation type is centrally or locally funded should initially be directed to your N3 Health and Social Care Information Centre Implementation Manager.