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CRM User Guide


How to get a user ID and password

Please submit an e-mail to with Subject Header ‘N3 CRM Access Request’. Your e-mail must include the full details of the company name and registered address. Please include your ODS code if known. N3SP will then confirm with the Authority that you are an approved customer for N3.

Once confirmed, N3SP will send you two hard copies of the N3 Access Agreement in the post. This Access Agreement must then be signed by either the Chief Executive or the Finance Director of your organisation.

Once the relevant person in your organisation has signed the N3 Access Agreement you must send both copies back to N3SP. Both copies are required so that N3SP can countersign the agreement.

The returned copies of the N3 Access Agreement go through a final check and are approved and countersigned by N3SP. A single copy will then be returned to you for your records.

Once your Access Agreement has been approved by N3SP you will be issued a login ID and password to give you access to the customer areas of the website. This is normally sent to you via e-mail within a few days.

Log into the CRM and follow these instructions and those on the CRM.

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Placing an order

Placing a new order

  1. Click on the Request services tab
  2. Click on the Order a new service button at the bottom left of screen.
  3. Search for the correct site, or enter a new site (see section 7). Enter the catalogue service details and contract term and click Next.
  4. Follow the instructions and fill in all required fields. It is very important to have up-to-date contact details for each site.

Placing a migration order

  1. Click on the Migration tab and follow the instructions. For each site, choose one of the following options:
    1. accept proposed service
    2. cease current service
    3. not responsible for this site
  2. Changing a migration order - see section 3 on changing an order.

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Changing an order

  1. Click on the Request services tab.
  2. Click on the Change an existing service button at the bottom left of screen.
  3. Search for the correct site, follow the instructions and fill in required details on all the screens, clicking ‘next’ to move through. Click Ready to proceed once you are happy with all the details.
  4. In flight
    1. To change an order that has not been delivered yet.
  5. In service
    1. To change an order that has been delivered by N3SP and a Service Readiness certificate has been signed.

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Status updates

For status updates, click on the Requested services tab. Any alerts are noted on the right hand side of the screen.

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  1. 'Reports' tab to view a number of different reports.
    1. Applications report – details all the applications you have registered on the Applications register.
    2. Customer detail report – shows all the site and customer contact details within your organisation based on your user profile.
    3. Service management report – provides Quality of Service and Service Level statistics for your organisation each month.
    4. Migration report – Shows details of all NHS sites and if they are connected to N3.
    5. All orders report – view all your N3 orders and their delivery status.
    6. Delivery progress report – more detailed information on the delivery status of all your orders.
    7. Complaints report – view all your complaints on this report.
    8. Hidden sites report - view all hidden sites on this report. Sites can be hidden if they do not require an N3 service.
  2. High Speed Customer Reporting (HSCR)

    The High Speed Customer Reporting (HSCR) system generates textual and graphical performance reports based upon information gathered from N3 network routers.
    1. HSCR dashboard reports – click the HSCR link within the Reports tab. This takes you to the N3 Service Portal. The N3 Service Portal gives you service information at your finger tips. To request access for the N3 Service Portal click here. Once logged in you can access HSCR, click on the Dashboard link. Select the relevant profile from the drop down menu and click on the traffic lights for more information.
    2. Printing HSCR reports – use file, print to produce a hard copy HSCR report. To print graphs, right click outside the graph and select print.
  3. Fault reports – click on the Sites tab then Faults tab. Here you can view any faults reported to the N3SP Helpdesk associated with your sites and the status updates. This information can also be viewed within the N3 Service Portal.

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Updating information

  1. To update personal details, including password click on the My profile button
  2. To update site data, click on the Sites tab and then the Update data tab
  3. Hidden sites: Any sites that don’t require an N3 connection can be hidden on this screen by clicking on the Hide Site button. To view any hidden sites, click on Show Hidden Sites.
  4. To add a site, click on the Sites tab, and click Add a new site

    NACS codes - each site is identified by the National Administrative Codes Service (NACS) code and all orders for N3 services must be accompanied by a valid NACS code.

    Requesting a NACS code: The NACS OC1 contact within your organisation must contact NACS to request a code.

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Exceptional circumstances

We are aware that sometimes there is an urgent need to place an order that does not have a NACS code. In these cases N3SP can allocate a temporary site code. This code will include the Customer Organisation code and a N3SP suffix. An order can then be placed using this temporary code.

However, after the order is placed, the organisation’s OC1 contact must request a valid NACS code from NACS and pass the new NACS code to the N3SP PMO, who will then update the order details on the N3 CRM. This process is intended for use in exceptional cases only.

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GP practice codes

The Prescription Pricing Authority (PPA), not NACS, are responsible for providing main GP Practice site codes, but are not responsible for providing Branch Practice site codes. NACS will provide Branch Practice codes on request. Your organisation’s OC1 representative can check for an existing Branch Practice code or request a NACS code for a Branch Practice from NACS.

To avoid confusion, please make it clear that you are requesting a NACS code for a Branch Practice not a main Practice site.

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Further help

For further help using the N3 CRM please phone us on 0800 085 0503 option 3.

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